Actions you can take to support affordable housing growth in Arden Hills

Use the resources on this website to learn about the need for more affordable housing and the role the City of Arden Hills must play.

Send emails or letters to members of the City Council:

Call  the  Mayor and/or members of the City Council to  let them know your thoughts about affordable housing. 

Attend a City Council or Joint Development meeting in person,  and use the Public Inquiry period to make a statement (3-minute maximum).

Talk to your neighbors about these important topics! 

Subject: Meaningful Affordable Housing Growth in Arden Hills

Dear Councilmember,

In the spirit of welcoming one and all to the Arden Hills community, I believe the expansion of affordable housing units at the Rice Creek Commons development should increase to the levels recommended by the Metropolitan Council and Ramsey County.




I strongly urge the Arden Hills City Council to actively cooperate and work in good faith with Alatus, the project developer, and Ramsey County to substantially increase the levels of affordable housing planned for Rice Creek Commons.