Racial Covenants in Arden Hills Property Deeds

Mapping Prejudice, a University of Minnesota research group, reviewed Ramsey County deeds to learn how many contained racial covenants. They determined that approximately 150 deeds in Arden Hills did contain covenants. These were included in deeds during the 1940s and 1950s.  Most of the language restricts ownership of the property to white or Caucasian people.  While the covenants are not enforceable, their existence is distressing.  Covenants cannot be removed from deeds, but they can be legally discharged. 


The following neighborhoods have deeds with racial covenants:


Just Deeds is a nonprofit organization that assists property owners in discharging racial covenants. Their services are free of charge.  The Arden Hills City Council will discuss collaborating with Just Deeds at this week's work session.  The City would need to issue a resolution opposing racial covenants and offer information on its website about the covenants. In addition, City staff could assist residents in accessing the services of Just Deeds.

Here are links where you can learn more: